Available Opportunities at Truworths Fashion Academy

Truworths offers a variety of careers in retail in Store Operations, Head Office, Credit Services and Distribution.

The role of a fashion buyer is to develop the best product, at the best price, and ensure that this product goes into stores at the correct time to offer our customers the latest fashion. Working together in teams to deliver the fashionable product to store, the buyer needs to drive fashion creativity that meets the needs of the South African customer at affordable prices.

The role of a planner is to forecast the sales for the forthcoming season based on previous season’s history as well as the upcoming trends. They work closely with the buyers to ensure that there is a correct balance of merchandise bought so that the customer has a variety of products to choose from in stores at any particular time.

Numerical and lateral thinking play a large part in the role of a planner, together with good communication skills and an ability to analyse information.

Visual Display
The Visual Display department works closely with the Buying Divisions, Fashion Studio and Marketing department to conceptualise windows and in-store display designs. All visual displays are in line with international trends, with inspiration and trends being drawn from regular visits to Europe and the USA as well as extensive reading of trade, technical and décor literature. Positions that exist within this department include: Window Dressers; Display Designers and Production Co-ordinators.

Store Design
Customers can shop for these multiple fashion brands in a single location, known as the Truworths emporium store. The emporium store concept has evolved along with the expansion of the brand portfolio, and customers now have access to four specialist ‘sub-emporiums’ within the Truworths emporium:

Truworths Ladieswear Emporium
Truworths Menswear Emporium
Truworths Designer Emporium
Truworths Kids Emporium.
The Truworths portfolio of brands and specialist branded emporium stores offer an enticement to youthful and fashionable consumers to shop for quality apparel merchandise of international standard.

Career opportunities in the Store Design Department are Store Designers and Architects.

Store Ops
Store Operations are the face of our business. Its how our customers get to know us, build relationships with us and allow us to make profit. Our friendly and well trained staff strive to deliver excellent customer service and take every opportunity to share our love of fashion with them. We have a thorough retail training programme in store to grow the technical knowledge of all staff members.

Marketing promotions and credit
Marketing and promotions enhance the Group’s image in the market through appropriate brand building activities that attract customers into the stores. Credit extension and collection of cash provide customers with the credit required to make a purchase.

Truworths uses advanced analytics to optimise data modelling capabilities and extensive market research to understand consumer needs in order to build powerful targeted marketing and credit management strategies.

Marketing department is responsible for the implementation of successful advertising and promotional strategies that focus primarily on activities that are core to fashion, including fashion-oriented promotions and events that service its target market.

To ensure the effective implementation of these strategies we have people working in Advertising, Promotions and PR, Customer Relationship Marketing and Market Research.

The IT Teams work with the latest retail technologies and they develop and support the systems that make Truworths South Africa’s leading fashion retailer. Our IT infrastructure and business applications are constantly being challenged to provide enhancements to systems and improve the day-to-day management of the business, including merchandising, product design, logistics, distribution, e-commerce, credit management, customer relationship management, internal communication, administration, finance and human resources. Our IT Department look for passionate IT Developers, Support staff, Technical Specialists, Testers and IT Graduate Software Developers.

HR is a multi-faceted department offering diverse career opportunities. At Truworths, HR covers all aspects of people management, starting with recruiting the most suitable people for the business, then training and developing these people to ensure their success and growth within the business. HR is also involved with salaries and the benefits offered to staff.

As Truworths is a highly labour-intensive environment, it is crucial that we have a robust Employee Relations department to guide and advise management regarding the best way to manage people in a variety of different situations. Given the dynamic nature of the business, we are constantly looking at new ways to manage people and processes.

Retail is often overlooked by career seekers in the area of finance, as it is not always clear where they fit in.

The Finance department at Truworths comprise a dynamic team of diversely-skilled professionals employed across a wide range of finance functions, including accounting, accounts payable and receivable, imports, banking, taxation, reporting, forecasting and budgeting. We recruit potential candidates with qualifications ranging from Chartered Accountants, Chartered Management Accountants, Professional Accountants, Finance Graduates, Tax Specialists to Finance Clerks.

Truworths Distribution Centre
All merchandise found in our stores begins its journey from our central warehouses in Cape Town. Truworths has two Distribution Centres (TDC and Bofors) that carefully manage the allocation, picking and packing and finally, the distribution of merchandise to all stores. The Truworths Distribution Centre comprises five departments: Value Added Centre; Hanger Department; Archive; Visual Display and Shop Fitting and Stationery.

Corporate Legal
The Corporate Legal department supports various departments throughout the business by providing specialist legal advice on a range of issues, including legal advice related to Truworths’ relationships with its suppliers and customers, the extending of credit and the operation of its retail stores. The corporate legal department ensures that Truworths’ business practices are, from a legal perspective, robust, and that Truworths follows good governance procedures and remains compliant with all relevant laws.

Internal Audit
The Board of Directors relies on Internal Audit for objective assurance and insight on the design adequacy, effectiveness and efficiency of governance, risk management and internal control processes within the organization. It is a multidimensional discipline whose work spans across various functional areas of the business with a view to challenge current practices, champion best practices and drive change. Potential opportunities in the Audit function include Field/Store Auditors, Head Office Auditors, IT Auditors as well as Data Analytical Auditors.

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